IELTS Practice Tests

14 thoughts on “IELTS Practice Tests”

      1. Hi Patrick,

        We are ready to move anyone that complete phase 1 to phase 2 in a matter of 24hr. Unfortunately, you have not completed your course. Your dashboard shows your progress as 96% so kindly take the final quiz and pass so you will be moved to the next stage.

  1. Hello, you need to get at least 80% in the writing task 1 assessment before moving to on to the next lesson. However, you did not meet that requirement and you have exhausted the number of attempts allowed. I have forwarded a report on it for you to have another chance to the quiz.

    1. Hello, sorry for that. I am going to perform quiz reset for you to retake the quiz, note that until you make the 80% mark, you cannot proceed. Thank you

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