Guide to create your account

Accessing the Online Course

  1. Follow the link or copy and paste in a browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge)
  2. Go to ‘Menu’, ‘My Account’ and select ‘Login or Sign up’. If you cannot find Menu, click ‘My Account’ and select ‘Login or Sign up’.
  3. Sign up by filling in your email, first name and last name in the appropriate boxes. Check (click) the ‘I accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy’ box.
  4. You’ll receive an automated message, ‘Your account was created successfully and a password has been sent to your email address’ once the sign-up stage is successful.
  5. Check your email for your username and password. Copy the password and memorise the username.
  6. Go back to the browser or repeat steps 1 and 2. Click ‘Login’. Type your username/email and paste your password. You can check the ‘Remember me’ box if you’re using your own device or that of a trusted person.
  7. Sign in.
  8. You get an empty dashboard at this point.
  9. Go to ‘Menu’, ‘My Account’ and select ‘Take a course’. If you cannot find ‘Menu’, click ‘My Account’ and select ‘Take a course’.
  10. Select the course and click ‘Add to basket’.
  11. Click ‘View basket’.
  12. Type Coupon code (if any). (Do not give your coupon code to anyone because it is for one-time use.) Click Apply coupon and Proceed to checkout. The automated response is ‘Coupon code applied successfully’. If you do not have a coupon, just proceed.
  13. Check the billing details. It has your First and Last names, Country, etc. Complete the missing parts, for example, street address, phone number, etc.
  14. Check the ‘I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions’ box. Click ‘Place order’.
  15. Your Courses appear. Select the course and click ‘Expand’ to view all the content of the course.
  16. Go through the lessons and enjoy every part of it.

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